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The hammY Story...

In 1998, Jim Alvarez injured his hamstring playing softball. An avid golfer and 5 handicap, the only part of golf Jim could practice was his putting. Hampered by his hamstring injury, Jim had to putt in a new way, with his hands spread wide and an open stance to the hole, much like a slapshot in hockey. Jim found the technique to help his short game dramatically.

With the help of an engineer, Jim and his lifelong friend CJ Orrico designed a putter with a longer grip and angled shaft that helps promote the open stance and allows golfers to see the putting line with both eyes instead of just one. That's how the hammY was born. From the moment in January 2004 when the hammY was released, Jim and CJ have never looked back.

Jim models his forward thinking after the former gold medal Olympian, Dick Fosbury. "We are using the Dick Fosbury theory. He invented the method of going over the high jump backwards in 1968. Everyone made fun of him. Then he won a gold medal. Now everyone jumps that way," says Jim. HammY is trying to revolutionize the sport of golf and putting much like Dick Fosbury and the high jump.
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