"“Won our city tournament today thanks to the hammy. Also came in 2nd in a putting contest. Thank you hammY!!”


Todd Halford
May 2013


"“In my first nine holes with the hammY I sunk a 30 footer! In my second 9, I sunk a 40 footer!! My buddy Mitch is dumbfounded and that is just the way I like it. Beat him by one stroke tonight thanks to a few clutch putts and dropping that bomb. Thanks for developing something like this. It is a real contribution to the game.” "

Hermiston, OR
May 2013


"Bingo Bango BONGO!

I used to get cleaned out every week paying bingo bango bongo. Mostly, because I couldn't sink any putts, especially when they counted the most. I saw the HammY at a golf show and thought that this item could solve my problem. It certainly has, and to a great degree. Why? Several reasons. The open stance gives me much more stability and confidence as I step up to the ball. The split grip gives me much more control over the putter itself (I chose the shorter version), and the unique stance has my head over and slightly behind the ball, allowing me to see the line perfectly. Size up the shot, step up, knock it down. Another BONGO! Take your friends dollar bills. HammY putter. Works for me.

Steven Kay
Las Vegas, NV
April 2012


I'm a 68 year old amateur golfer from Seattle. I have had a HammY putter since about 2005, with a 41" shaft because I am tall. I use no other putter; it has improved my putting immensely--I switched to it because I was always too wristy with a regular putter.

Steve Melson
Seattle, WA
April 2012

"Shot a 79 today and made more putts than with the long putters I was using previously. I adapted to it immediately. Wonderful innovation!!"

A.K.A Tee Tommy 11
June 2011

"I LOVE IT!!! I played with the putter this weekend and it saved me 4 shots possibly 5 which I would normally have been a bit jittery over! I was one shot off the course record and I think I would have broken it if I hadn't have found sand on the 17th."

Ben Rollinson
European Professional Golfer
September 2010

"The hammY makes sense and it's going to change putting forever."

Annette DeLuca
LPGA Tour Professional

"Why I used to hold the end of my putter, I'll never now...Thank God for the hammY!"

Kenny Williams
Chicago White Sox GM

"Easier to line up and sink long distance putts."

Maxim Magazine
July 2004

"The hammY putter is foolproof."

Steve Cochran
WGN Radio

"Shot 73 this morning with 25 putts, 3 birdies and won $38. My hammY was the difference as I only hit 7 fairways and 8 greens."

Mobile, AL
July 2010


"I have been playing golf since I was a freshman in college. I am not 54 and this is the best putter I have ever used."

Winner of hammY Putter at Babylon Volunteer Fire Department Golf Outing
Babylon, New York
May 2009

"I have been trying various putters because putting has been the weakest link in my game. Tried belly putter, long putter, face-on putter, and T-roll putter (where you put the shaft under your armpit), etc. Nothing worked...despite hundreds of dollars. Then one day I saw Natalie Gulbis putting on the TV and thought that her stance looked weird. I then surfed the net with her name and the rest was history

What a revelation this putter has been to me. I play 12 handicap and on my first outing with the putter (without practicing), I shot 2 under with 2 birdies. Yesterday I won the club championship in Division One category (144 players) with 4 under. The putter has completely changed my confidence on the green and it is unbelievable. This is probably the greatest investment I have made in the game of golf.

I have dropped to single digit 9 handicap in a matter of 1 month!

I have already started recommending the putter in my club. Abu Dhabi - UAE is seeing this putter for the first time and I hope more people go the hammY way."

Maqsood Ahmed
Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
March 2009

"First putt in a round on the course...30 footer for birdie using the hammY.

I was in the market for a new putter and I couldn't decide which way to go, with a blade or a mallet, with a center shaft, or a heel shaft. Then I found this site about a split grip putter and I was intrigued. It just so happened that the Chicago Golf Show was going to be the next weekend and I thought to myself, why not go and see what this thing is all about. I made the 60 mile trip to the show and when I arrived I went straight to the hammY Putter booth and talked to Frank. I told him about my background and growing up playing hockey. Frank gave me a putter and said, go ahead and try it out. I proceeded to sink eight straight putts from eight to ten feet. Needless to say, I was hooked.

I took it to the putting green at my local course and I was lagging the long ones to about two feet on a consistent basis. I took it out just this last week for a round of golf for the first time this year. My tee shot on the first hole landed in a fairway bunker. I took a 9 iron to about 30 feet below the hole and just thought about stopping the putt close, but it went in. First hole of the year...birdie. Putting the rest of the round was VERY good, only one 3 putt.

I have a feeling that this putter will be the solution to my recent putting woes. GO HAMMY!"

John Szabo
April 2009

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