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Since its inception in the golf industry in January of 2004, hammY putter has revolutionized the art of putting. While the hammY putter is not the most well-known putter out there yet, hammY still does what it is intended to do: it reaches out to the golf industry and improves the golf games of average players and professionals alike.

The hammY putter helps golfers maximize their stability and control over their putts by having an open stance and spreading their hands on the split grip. It’s comparable to bunting a baseball or shooting a slap shot in hockey. With the triple bend shaft and split grip, hammY allows you to putt effectively every time.

Control and accuracy are what the golf game craves and the hammY putter provides just that. It's true what they say about the hammY putter: "makes putts. makes sense."

The hammY putter conforms with USGA Rules

Current News

9/12/16 - Summer is almost over.  Time to try a hammY and fix that putting for next season.  Order today!
9/12/16 -  We are currently out of  stock on ALL right handed MILLED faced putters.  Left handed milled prices are $69.99!!!!! FREE shipping!

Rule 14-1b DOES NOT apply to the HammY Putter.  This putter still conforms to USGA rules.  It is NOT a belly putter.  


- Remember there is always FREE SHIPPING with any hammY products.  Within the United States is free shipping only. International shipping charges do apply.

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